Safeguarding a baby from dangers like falls and choking

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    For a baby to be safe and healthy, they must be protected from hazards like falls and choking. The following advice may be helpful:

    Always keep an eye on your infant: This is especially important while they are crawling or walking.

    Make your home childproof: Install safety gates, cabinet locks, and outlet covers to childproof your home and keep your child away from potentially dangerous areas and objects.

    Keep small objects out of your baby’s reach: To avoid choking hazards, keep small objects like coins, batteries, and toys with small pieces out of your baby’s reach.

    Use age-appropriate infant equipment: To avoid falls and injuries, use high chairs, strollers, and car seats that adhere to safety regulations.

    Instilling sound sleep practices: Teach your infant to sleep safely by using a firm mattress, avoiding soft bedding, and placing them on their back.

    Keep current with safety recommendations: Keep up with the most recent safety recommendations for infants, such as those regarding recommended vaccinations and food safety.

    By heeding these recommendations, you can contribute to ensuring that your child is protected from potential threats and develops in a healthy and contented manner.

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