How to tell if your newborn is hungry

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    As a parent or caregiver, it’s imperative to learn to understand the various signs that babies use to let us know when they are hungry. The following are some typical indicators that your infant is hungry:

    1. Crying: The most obvious symptom that your infant is hungry is crying. It’s their way of letting you know they’re hungry.

    2. Making sucking motions: Placing their hands or fingers in their mouth: If your baby is doing either of these behaviors, it may indicate that they are hungry.

    3. Increased activity: Your baby’s increased agitation or activity may indicate that they are hungry and need to be fed.

    4. Scheduled hunger cues: As newborns frequently experience hunger at the same time each day, you may notice a pattern of hunger cues at particular periods.

    5. Rooting reflex: Babies may move their heads toward the breast or bottle when they are hungry, or they may try to suck on anything that is close to their mouths.

    6. Lip-smacking or lip-licking: Infants who are hungry may also smack or lip-lick.

    Keep in mind that every infant is unique, and some may exhibit hunger cues more or less frequently than others. You’ll be able to identify when your kid is hungry and attend to their needs more effectively if you pay close attention to their signals.

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