How to clothe your infant for various climates

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    To ensure an infant’s comfort and safety, it’s crucial to dress them for varied temperatures. And it’s critical to choose soft, breathable, and simple-to-put-on clothing when dressing an infant. The following advice may help you dress your baby appropriately for various climates:

    Warm weather (above 24°C or 75°F): Put your infant in breathable, light clothing, such as cotton onesies or T-shirts. Don’t overdress your infant, and if required, use a thin blanket.

    Cold weather (below 60°F or 16°C): Layer your baby’s clothing, making sure they have a warm hat, mittens, socks, and booties. To keep your infant warm and snug, use a thick sweater or jacket and a heated blanket.

    Wet conditions: To keep your infant dry in wet regions, wear waterproof or water-resistant apparel like a raincoat or snowsuit. Start by layering a onesie or undershirt on your infant, then add a sweater or jacket as needed.

    Cold temperatures (between 60-75°F or 16-24°C): Layer your baby’s clothing, starting with a onesie or undershirt and increasing the layering as necessary with a sweater or jacket. To keep your baby’s hands and head warm, cover them with gloves and a cap.

    Climates that are hot and muggy: Dress your infant in lightweight, breathable clothing, such as cotton onesies or T-shirts, in hot and muggy climates. If a light blanket is required, do not overdress your baby.

    Always feel your baby’s chest or back to check their temperature, then modify their clothing as necessary. Use a cap and sunscreen to protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

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