How frequently to bathe your baby and how to safely bathe a baby

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    A crucial aspect of a baby’s everyday care is bathing them. Here are some recommendations on how often to bathe your baby and how to do it safely:

    How often should you bathe your child?

    Since newborns don’t get sweaty or dirty like older kids and adults do, they don’t need to be bathed every day. To keep your infant clean, bathe them two to three times every week. You might need to bathe your infant more frequently as they get older and more active. However be careful not to bathe them too frequently as this can dry up their sensitive skin.

    How can a newborn be bathed in safety?

    1. Assemble your materials: You’ll also need a basin or baby bathtub filled with warm water, a fresh towel, washcloth, and baby soap.

    2. Maintain a warm environment: Make sure the space is warm enough to keep your infant from being chilly.

    3. Support your infant: While holding them firmly in place with one arm, wash them with the other.

    4. Face cleaning comes first: Start with the baby’s eyes and work your way down to their neck, using a damp washcloth or cotton balls to clean the face.

    5. Wash the body: Starting at the neck and moving down to the toes, gently wash your baby’s body using baby soap and a washcloth.

    6. Rinse thoroughly: Use a clean washcloth or clean water to thoroughly rinse the soap off your baby’s body.

    7. Pat dry: Use a clean towel to gently pat your infant dry, paying special care to the folds and crevices in their skin.

    8. Apply lotion: If your baby’s skin is dry, you can assist hydrate it by using a fragrance-free baby lotion.

    Never leave your child unsupervised while getting a bath. Always keep one hand on your infant, and support their head and neck. While bathing your child, always use lukewarm water and check the temperature first. And never, ever, even for a split second, leave your child unattended in the water.

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