Common Breastfeeding Errors & How to do it Right!

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    There are several ways a mother could unintentionally employ an inefficient or incorrect nursing technique. One frequent problem is when a woman holds her infant inadequately, allowing the infant to latch on improperly. For instance, the infant might have problems latching on properly and may not be able to absorb enough milk if the mother holds the child too loosely or at an unusual position.

    Another potential issue is when a mother forces her infant to adopt a specific breastfeeding style or posture rather than letting the baby choose a natural and efficient position. This can make it harder for the infant to acquire the milk they need and cause the baby to become irritated or angry.

    When a mother doesn’t completely empty each breast during a feeding, it is another common error. The milk supply may eventually diminish if a breast is not totally empty, and the infant may not be receiving all the nutrients they require. During a feeding, it’s crucial for a mother to switch sides and to wait until one breast has completely emptied before going on.

    In the end, it’s critical for a mother to discover a nursing technique that works for her and her child. As every baby is different and could have their own preferences for positioning and feeding, this may require some trial and error. Most moms can find a successful and satisfying nursing style with time, effort, and support from a lactation consultant or other healthcare professional.

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